Clock out, clock back in

Lateshift started as a service that linked users to gig economy jobs based on their availability, allowing them to moonlight in different roles to pay down significant debts. It also provided debt calculation straight from bank account data using API integrations with several banking partners.

Getting users onboard with the service initially faced a significant challenge. No one wanted to work a second job, and—if they had to get one—everyone would immediately go to Uber or Lyft as their default. The brand exploration started with one important question: what makes a night job fun?

After exploring several options, the design team realized we were revolving around a concept of "night life," and that the very best part of your day is what happened at night. It's where great stories are created, where friends meet for fun, where dates happen, and where the most interesting aspects of our lives become memories. We explored several avenues, but a key illustration became integral to selling the brand to Lateshift's crew.

The brand logo for Lateshift, designed by Anthony Foster.
The early inspiration for Lateshift's brand, illustrated by Anthony Foster.

Once a direction was established, we went to work on a new logo that would cement the name. Styled in Gotham, kept conservative in design, but sparked with dark colors mixed with flashes of neon, the logo was an immediate win for the Lateshift board.

Flows describing MVP user statuses and how they upgrade.
User flow for MVP account creation.
Example wireframe detailing specifics of each page.
Procedural flows for automated emails, prodding Prospects to become Members.
MVP homepage design.
Example iconography, illustrated and designed by Anthony Foster.
User dashboard example, detailing empty state for opportunities.
User dashboard example, for viewing latest opportunities and linking new bank accounts.
An example of the internal portal dashboard, for tracking users and analytics.

Team members

Ed McCabe
Product Manager

Sarah Klamans
UX/UI Designer

Katherine Alvarado
UX/UI Designer

Neha Motipara
UX/UI Designer

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